Monday, June 29, 2009

Praise the Lord readers, I pray that in this testimony/story you will find hope if you are hopeless, forgiveness if you are hurt, and the peace of God if you are troubled. I attended the faith tab upc church in juntion city kansas for years . At time that I attended LE Westburg was the pastor who is now deceased, Darlene Westberg also in my attendance there and now Edwin Young. I will begin by saying that I am not bitter I am just stating my testimony of what and how God brought me through. I attended their academy school Apostolic Academy as a junior and high school student. Previuosly I attened the public school and was a honor roll and staight A student I was very smart and focused. I have so many testimonies to tell but I only have time for this one right now. At the time of my high school attendace I realized that a paticular pattern atook place from nithngr ade and beyond.My parents paid for my tutions with money from their pockets. The teachers were Mrs. Allbritton and Mrs. Rodriguez.It was during those years and at such a young age of 16 and 17 that I experineced verbal and spiritual abuse instead of an education.I did not learn anything for three years. At the time I dated someone and one of the teachers would tell them not to to talk to me, I did not know why. I obeyed the rules of the church and school, was smart and never committed any sexual activities such as fornication with any one which was oppisite of what the person I had dated had done, so I was totally confused.The teachers were paid to teach with the money that came from my parents pockets. I would pretend that I was sick every morning and my mother would have to force me to go to school.I came home almost everyday from school crying from the verbal insults, attacks and false accusations.The teachers would start off the day with their routine parayer and devotion and then befor you knewhours later it was soon time for lunch, this would go on day after day. They would start by saying God gave them a word and then they would start describing situations without saying who they were talking about right in our faces. One teacher agreed that this was not right and that it was fine if we went to the Pastor about the costant gossiping and personal attacks. I was tired and weary of going to school everyday not afraid of a bully, but of being talked about everyday in my face, I had to learn and fight this battle on my own at such an early age intstead of being taught grammer and math it was hard for me to focus on anything after the attacks because I had to constantly wipe tears from my face.The issuse was then addresed to the pastor LE Westberg who said we should have came in sooner and that he would take care of the situation.I remember remember explaaining to him but coul only get one sentence out and then I burst into tears it because it was even to painful to explain. I cannot say he handelded the situation because the teacher continued to gossip and and talk about me and others behind my back and in my face. It was then when I asked God why?where do I go to now?do I seek help from others outside of the church?It was a very furstrating feeling and experience as a young person with no answerers.

God has been gracious to me, he allowed me to graduate from the school I attended with my degree. I remembered struggling in my Biology class not even knowing what a telescope was and ever seeing it before. But by the grace of God I made an A in my Biololgy class and others even though I did not enter college prepared.due to the years of unfair and a lack of proper education.My testimony is that God allowed me to learn and teach myself new things that I did not know even though, I had experienced numerous actions from negetivity and viscious bashings from unbriddled tongues.. during my previous high school years. I have forgiven and those situations and others only made me a stonger individual